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A century ago, Americans fell in love with speed and bikes. While the Wright Brothers flew overhead and Model T’s rolled off Henry Ford’s assembly line, the new sport of motorcycle racing began drawing large crowds bent on celebrating a piston-powered future.

It was in 1911 that a livery worker named Ashley Franklin Van Order moved from Illinois to Southern California so he could ride his motorcycle year-round. Van Order took a job selling Harley-Davidsons and began riding competitively, but his racing career was cut short soon.

Today motorcyclists compete on road circuits, cross country (scrambling and trials), on grass tracks, on cinder tracks (speedway), or even on tracks carved into the ice of frozen lakes. Road-racing motorcyclists contest an annual world championship of Grands Prix in Europe, South and North America, and Japan. Both grass track and ice-track racing are in effect variants of speedway. Motorcycle drag racing and sprints over a short, measured distance (sprint racing) are competitions against the clock.

– There is no fear in racing – just respect and knowing your limits. The focus is to control your mind and body. “We (racers) are all control freaks,when we are one with our bikes, we are in control.”says Scott Carpenter. a professional racer – a motorcycle roadracing veteran

Despite criticism and the slings and arrows of the global economic crisis (which has now been going on longer than the Second World War), MotoGP isn’t in bad shape. There are more bikes on the grid than at any time since the glory days of the 990s, when the free-spending tobacco industry paid most of the bills.

So todays races are no different the desire is the same testing yourself against others is an inherently human trait.Competing against others stretches you. It pushes you beyond what you’ve done in the past.

And it gets in your blood. If You love motorcycle racing than this video is what you need to watch!

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