“Louis Vuitton” Is Preparing For A Show In Rio de Janeiro

Тhe latest show from the collection of the brand “Louis Vuitton” will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

Designers specifically trying to organize the presentation of these kits, so do not accidentally choose places that are architecturally very interesting and full of exoticism.

In particular, the review of “Louis Vuitton” will be held in the “Museum of Contemporary Art” in Niteroi (surroundings of Rio de Janeiro), interesting because of the unusual shape, so it called “flying a serving plate.”

The fashion show of the brand will be the first ever held in the museum. There is a coincidence which further raises the excitement – the museum this year celebrates its 20th year of existence, and the review of “Louis Vuitton” only further affect the celebration of the anniversary.

This is sufficient reason to eagerly await the latest from this fashion house scheduled for May 28th.


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