List of Superdelegates That Will Switch Sides and Help Bernie Sanders Win The Nomination

Bernie Sanders says he will campaign to win over superdelegates, despite their verdict against him on , then hopes to eliminate them in future elections. The struggle continues, however, for the Vermont Senator, who has decided to stay in the race.Secretary Clinton has won 2,220 pledged delegates, compared to Sanders’ 1,831, resulting in a pledged delegate differential of 389. This leaves the Secretary 142 delegates short of the official nominating number of 2,382. She will not cross that threshold until the remaining 712 delegates — often labeled “superdelegates” — cast their vote in July.This means that, technically, Bernie Sanders could win the primary if only 141 of the super delegates vote for Clinton and the rest support Sanders.Here is the list of those who will and those who might support Bernie and some more might be added to this list given the fact that millions of angry protesters will descend on Philadelphia, PA ahead of the convention to attempt to sway superdelegates.

We gonna show you the official list of the  superdelagtes  that support Bernie Sanders and at the end of this article you can see the possible superdelegates that can switch side on July 25.

James ZogbyDCDNC Sanders
John WisniewskiNJDNC Sanders
Peter WelchVTRep. Sanders
Tim VandeveerHIDNC Sanders
Larry TaylorORDNC Sanders
Gary SuwannaratDADNC Sanders
Ken ShermanDADNC Sanders
Keelan SandersMSDNC Sanders
Bernie SandersVTSen. Sanders
Chris ReganWVDNC Sanders
Jake QuinnNCDNC Sanders
Collin PetersonMNRep. Sanders
Johnnie PattonMSDNC Sanders
Danica OparnicaAZDNC Sanders
Rick NolanMNRep. Sanders
Chad NodlandNDDNC Sanders
Larry MurakamiAKDNC Sanders
Maureen MonahanNEDNC Sanders
Heather MizeurMDDNC Sanders
Jeff MerkleyORSen. Sanders
Lupita MaurerORDNC Sanders
Bert MarleyID DNC Sanders
Dan LipinskiILRep. Sanders
Paul G. KirkMADPL Sanders
Marcy KapturOHRep. Sanders
Connie JohnsonOK DNC Sanders
Tim JermanVT DNC Sanders
Nancy JacobsonFLDNC Sanders
Troy JacksonMEDNC Sanders
Therese HunkinASDNC Sanders
Wayne HollandUTDNC Sanders
Elaine HarrisWVDNC Sanders
Alan GraysonFLRep. Sanders
Pete GertonsonID DNC Sanders
Tulsi GabbardHIRep. Sanders
Reni ErdosNJ DNC Sanders
Keith Ellison MNRep. Sanders
Dottie DeansVT DNC Sanders
Bart DameHI DNC Sanders
Jean Lemire DahlmanMT DNC Sanders
Pat Cotham NC DNC Sanders
Peter CorroonUT DNC Sanders
Jim Condos VT DNC Sanders
Larry Cohen DC DNC Sanders
Martha Fuller Clark NH DNC Sanders
Richard Cassidy VT DNC Sanders
David Bowen WI DNC Sanders
Erin Bilbray NV DNC Sanders

The superdelegates that are backing Sanders  are calling for reform of the system that will empower them at the convention—but the real changes aren’t likely to come until after November. All of these arguments are right in that Bernie Sanders will need to rely on superdelegates to switch from Clinton’s side to his in order to become the Democratic nominee. But with a report  that Hillary Clinton reached 2,383 delegates only with the help of 107 superdelegates from states Bernie Sanders won, who actively thwarted the will of millions of Democratic voters in their own states.If one issue has caused Bernie Sanders supporters to claim that the Democratic primary has been rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton,this might be the one.But as the things stand support from the delegates can be even larger since millions will try to make the switch sides in Philadelphia!

The list of superdelegates that can/will switch sides with possibility of this list to be even bigger by July 25!

Steven K. AlariCA DNCNone
Joe AndrewMDDPLNone
Virginia Barnes MADNCNone
Van Beechler IDDNCNone
Rachel Binah CADNCNone
Sanford Bishop GARepNone
Neville Blakemore KYDNCNone
Rick Boylan FLDNCNone
Joyce Brayboy NCDNCNone
Raymond Buckley NHDNCNone
Carol Burke VIDNCNone
John L. Burton CADNCNone
Laura Calvo OR DNCNone
Jimmy Carter GADPLNone
Gilda Cobb-Hunter SC DNCNone
Steven Cook MI DNCNone
Vivian Cook NYDNCNone
Ed Cote WADNCNone
Doris Crouse Mays VA DNCNone
Kenneth M. Curtis FLDPLNone
Clint Daughtrey ALDNCNone
Leah Daughtry NYDNCNone
Yvonne Davis TXDNCNone
Peter DeFazio OR Rep. None
Frank Dixon ORDNCNone
Maria Elena Durazo CA DNCNone
Mary Ellen Early CADNCNone
John Eastwood DADNCNone
Louis Elrod GA DNCNone
Jim Frasier OK DNCNone
Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker CA DNCNone
Tefere Gebre MDDNCNone
Al Gore TN DPLNone
Janice Griffin MD DNCNone
Carol Guthrie TX DNCNone
Mark Hammons OK DNCNone
Pat Hobbs CA DNCNone
David Ige HIGov.None
Victoria Jackson-Stanley MD DNCNone
Ben Jeffers LA DNCNone
Norwood Jewell MI DNCNone
Matt Johnson CA DNCNone
Patsy Keever NCDNCNone
Lee Kinch KS DNCNone
Warren Larson NDDNCNone
Barbara Lee CARep.None
Alan Lowenthal CARep. None
Juanita Luiz WADNCNone
Sharon Mast WA DNCNone
Glen Maxey TXDNCNone
Betty McCollum MNRep. None
Melody McCray-Miller KSDNCNone
David McDonald WADNCNone
Andy McGuire IADNCNone
R. Michael McHale LADNCNone
Marv McMoore, Jr. NY DNCNone
Glenard S. Middleton, Sr. MD DNCNone
Lorraine Miller TX DNCNone
Charles E. Moore KYDNCNone
Henry Muñoz III TXDNCNone
Joan Patricia Murphy IL DNCNone
Nick Nemec SDDNCNone
Donald Norcross NJ Rep. None
George Norcross NJ DNCNone
Carlos Odio FLDNCNone
Ian Olson AK DNCNone
Liza M. Ortiz PR DNCNone
Sannie Overly KYDNCNone
Kylie Oversen NDDNCNone
Lisa Padilla CODNCNone
Rick Palacio CODNCNone
John Patrick TX DNCNone
Renee Pfenning ND DNCNone
Fredericka Phillips TX DNCNone
Vincent Powers NEDNCNone
Nancy Quarles MI DNCNone
Jaxon Ravens WA DNCNone
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake MD DNCNone
Richard Ray GADNCNone
Matt Robinson MODNCNone
Bill Roe AZDNCNone
James Roosevelt MADNCNone
Bill Roy, Jr. KS DNCNone
Virgie Rollins MIDNCNone
R. T. Rybak MNDNCNone
Beverly Ryken CODNCNone
Pamela R. Samuel VI DNCNone
Kyrsten Sinema AZ Rep. None
Katie Solon DADNCNone
Kate Stanley HI DNCNone
Casey Steinau AK DNCNone
Dolly Strazar HI DNCNone
Sharon Stroschein SD DNCNone
Joanne Sullivan CT DNCNone
Alexis Tameron AZ DNCNone
Roy Temple MO DNCNone
Senfronia Thompson TX DNCNone
Andrew Tobias FL DNCNone
Ann Tornberg SDDNCNone

Support to Bernie must be big from common people so that the superdelgates make the right decision and listen to the people share this and help in a mission of Bernie and the revolution of getting more superdelgates on their side.

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