List of Superdelegates That Will Switch Sides and Help Bernie Sanders Win The Nomination

Bernie Sanders says he will campaign to win over superdelegates, despite their verdict against him on , then hopes to eliminate them in future elections. The struggle continues, however, for the Vermont Senator, who has decided to stay in the race.Secretary Clinton has won 2,220 pledged delegates, compared to Sanders’ 1,831, resulting in a pledged delegate differential of 389. This leaves the Secretary 142 delegates short of the official nominating number of 2,382. She will not cross that threshold until the remaining 712 delegates — often labeled “superdelegates” — cast their vote in July.This means that, technically, Bernie Sanders could win the primary if only 141 of the super delegates vote for Clinton and the rest support Sanders.Here is the list of those who will and those who might support Bernie and some more might be added to this list given the fact that millions of angry protesters will descend on Philadelphia, PA ahead of the convention to attempt to sway superdelegates.

We gonna show you the official list of the  superdelagtes  that support Bernie Sanders and at the end of this article you can see the possible superdelegates that can switch side on July 25.

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The superdelegates that are backing Sanders  are calling for reform of the system that will empower them at the convention—but the real changes aren’t likely to come until after November. All of these arguments are right in that Bernie Sanders will need to rely on superdelegates to switch from Clinton’s side to his in order to become the Democratic nominee. But with a report  that Hillary Clinton reached 2,383 delegates only with the help of 107 superdelegates from states Bernie Sanders won, who actively thwarted the will of millions of Democratic voters in their own states.If one issue has caused Bernie Sanders supporters to claim that the Democratic primary has been rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton,this might be the one.But as the things stand support from the delegates can be even larger since millions will try to make the switch sides in Philadelphia!

The list of superdelegates that can/will switch sides with possibility of this list to be even bigger by July 25!

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Support to Bernie must be big from common people so that the superdelgates make the right decision and listen to the people share this and help in a mission of Bernie and the revolution of getting more superdelgates on their side.

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