Julian Assange Taken Offline In Cyber Attack By US Government

The US government launched a cyber attack against the Ecuadorian embassy in London in order to prevent Julian Assange from releasing further damaging WikiLeaks emails.

WikiLeaks revealed late Sunday night that Assange’s internet link had been “intentionally severed by a state party” and that “appropriate contingency plans” had been activated, leading to suggestions that this is the start of the cyber warfare that Joe Biden announced on Friday.

In an interview for NBC’s Meet The Press Biden declared that the United States was preparing to “send a message” in retaliation for the WikiLeaks released emails that have embarrassed the Democratic Party and exposed questionable practices and what many believe is corruption endemic to the ruling party. 

We’re sending a message,” Mr. Biden told Chuck Todd, the show’s host. “We have the capacity to do it.”

He’ll know it,” Mr. Biden added. “And it will be at the time of our choosing. And under the circumstances that have the greatest impact.

The dramatic claim by WikiLeaks – which the organization left unexplained – increased a flurry of rumors that had already sparked due to three cryptic tweets posted by WikiLeaks earlier in the day.

The three tweets were headlined ‘pre-commitment 1: John Kerry’, ‘pre-commitment 2: Ecuador’ and ‘pre-commitment 3: UK FCO’, the latter appearing to refer to the United Kingdom’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Each tweet was then followed by a series of numbers and letters, causing many on the social media site to believe they were a ‘dead man’s switch’ meant to be automatically released if Assange is killed and unable to perform a regular check-in.


At the very least, WikiLeaks seems to have made a “pre-commitment” to release Secretary of State John Kerry’s emails, and there is a belief that WikiLeaks and Assange are just getting started. Between now and Election Day on November 8, WikiLeaks is expected to release more than 40,000 more emails about Clinton, perhaps in batches released almost every day.

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