Jill Stein: We are ‘berning green’ together

Jill Stein nabbed the Green Party nomination for her second presidential bid on Saturday, after running in 2012. She hopes the wave Sanders supporters will help make her a viable third-party challenger.In her acceptance speech, Stein appealed to supporters of failed Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders,to support her candidacy.She said that with the backing of Sanders’ supporters “together we are unstoppable.”


“It is such an honor to also being running in alliance with the Bernie Sanders movement, who I now hear call us ‘berning green.’ We are ‘berning green’ together,” Stein said. “We owe you such a debt of gratitude for lifting up this revolution that has been smoldering for decades. You broke through the media blackout, you lifted us up and you refused to be shut down by the DNC.”

Stein has criticized Sanders for announcing his endorsement of official Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.

he cast herself and the Green Party as the precursor to the Sanders movement, arguing they had first championed many of the same ideas that fueled his unlikely rise.

“We have been ahead of the curve in so many ways — on climate change, on green energy on demilitarization, on marriage equality, on free public higher education and canceling student debt, on stopping the [Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal]. On ending the war on drugs and the incarceration state, on providing reparations for slavery and to the indigenous people. On opposing war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen and war crimes and occupation committed by the Israeli government in Palestine,” Stein ticked off.

“And on so much more we have been ahead of the curve for decades, and all of a sudden that curve is catching up to us.”

She needs to garner some 15 percent of support in election polls in order to be invited to participate in the presidential debates.But if you read the article below this one that Jill Stein Have Much More Than 15% Necessary To Be On The Televised Presidential Debates


Here is the full interview from today at the Green Party convention in which Julian Assange attack Hillary Clinton

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