Internal DNC Memo Confirms Polls Are Rigged

An internal DNC memo has been leaked online that explains how the Democratic party intends on fixing polls in order to control and manage the 2016 elections. The document appears to be a 2013 pitch to high-dollar donors, explaining how the party plan to ensure a victory in the November 2016 presidential election.

The document starts off by revealing how polling works:

dnc 1

COMMAND: Determines the battleground states and where resources will be expended.

PSYCHOMETRY: A voter-behavioral think-tank creates models of voters so that the necessary margins and demographics can move them.

dnc 2


STRATEGY: A math think-tank provides the underlying data to feed polling houses to support the psychology.

dnc 3

COVER: Polling organizations presented as legitimate appear to conduct polls using STRATEGY’s underlying data.


MEDIA: Compliant media releases and provides the voice-over narrative.

dnc  6

Election fraud is standard in underdeveloped nations.There you have two sorts of dictatorships one is a hard one with military and correctional facilities  other type is with rigged elections and media censorship.But widespread voter fraud is not something just limited to those countries. In the US for example, we already have media bias, and Hillary proved that she knows and is willing to do election fraud, remember Bernie and DNC scandal?! Even Donald Trump himself mentioned this possibility, saying the GOP had better be careful or it will be “taken away from us.” Clinton surrogates called this “pathetic” and “dangerous”, but the only thing “dangerous” would be a Hillary Clinton administration!

Trump said many times that his intentions are not to be pessimistic or to find an excuse for losing to Hillary, but he wants people to be careful and to go on voting booths in huge numbers so that will be almost impossible to rig the elections because that has already happened to Bernie Sanders.

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Hillary already rigged the Democratic primary as you can see in the video below ! You can read the full article from a top political insider that Hillary will try to steal the election below the video!

One thought on “Internal DNC Memo Confirms Polls Are Rigged

  • September 4, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    Don’t know when this was filmed, but did you notice he said he will spend more time checking into it AFTER the November elections?


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