Watch-Hillary Uses Megyn Kelly to Attack Trump, Then Gets Nasty Surprise From Megyn

While attacking GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in April over how he treated women, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton cited Fox News host Megyn Kelly, whom she claimed was mistreated by him, as a “superb journalist.”

Six months later, Clinton still refused to sit down on Kelly’s Fox News Channel show for an interview, and the host wondered why.

“Yes, @HillaryClinton, do 30 min w/@maryjblige, & then perhaps u will finally sit w/me, instead of just using my name to hit @realDonaldTrump,” Kelly tweeted on Friday, days after the Democrat candidate was interviewed by singer Mary J. Blige.

Nobody knew for certain, though the Democrat candidate’s campaign press secretary Brian Fallon promised Kelly after the presidential debate Monday evening that it was “only a matter of time” before his boss would sit with her for an interview.

“I’m gonna go back right after I walk off this platform here and make the case that we need to get her on the show,” he stated.

Yet by the end of the week, Clinton had still not booked an interview with Kelly, which made some wonder whether, like her peers, she too harbored a hypocritical disdain for conservative women.

Numerous examples were available to highlight how liberals’ belief in fairness and equality for women often disappeared in the presence of those women who leaned to the right. Take for instance how liberals treated GOP primary candidate Carly Fiorina.

“Many of the same political and media personalities who’ve warned conservatives and Republicans to make a stronger appeal to women have gone ballistic with invective and hyperbole in attacking the GOP’s only female presidential candidate,” Time magazine explained last December.

Likewise, it seemed as if Clinton was willing to act as a champion of women in one breath, but then turn around and snub a woman in the other — and all because that woman wasn’t a Democrat like her.

Hypocrisy much?

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