BREAKING – ‘You Have Been SERVED!’ – Hillary Just Got the Worst News Of The Campaign

The mainstream media might just have to begin a brand new round of defending Hillary Clinton on the issue of her mishandling of classified information through her private, unauthorized, and illegal email server. It appears another device – with copies of every deleted email – has been discovered! reports that a backup data device called a “Datto,” containing Clinton’s private emails exists. They report that Judicial Watch has discovered the device is in the possession of the FBI. They have now filed a FOIA request to pressure the agency into producing the long forgotten device, sending the FOIA request via Certified Mail so as to have a record of the request.

The existence of a full record of Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted private emails could very well be a game changer… that is if the FBI produces the material in an expedited manner. With just 24 days until Election Day, every second counts.

The very existence of this device is generating a panic both behind-the-scenes in the beltway and in the Clinton camp. As the FBI continues to get maligned over its fake investigation into the Clinton email scandal, the Clinton team would be fatally damaged by what would be exposed further by information contained in those emails.

FBI director James Comey’s investigation into the Clinton email server crimes was based on just a small number of email discoveries. These discoveries were made using a splatter-pattern, shot-in-the-dark discovery process that had no congruent method. Therefore, the full extent of Clinton’s criminality was not exposed.

That the FBI didn’t look at each and every one of Clinton’s emails actually served to help Clinton avoidprosecution. Had the FBI examined all the emails – like the hackers at Wikileaks – instead of just select and informationally disjointed emails, it would have dramatically changed the result and most likely had led to a prosecution.

The Judicial Watch FOIA request demands “Any and all records, including but not limited to emails or text messages (SMSs, MMSs, BBMs, iMessages, etc.), discovered, recovered, retrieved from, or found on any Datto device. Any and all records concerning or relating to the FBI’s efforts to discover, recover, retrieve, or find emails or text messages stored on the Datto device, equipment or hardware reference in Request No. 1.”

A Datto device is an online backup service that creates copies of data kept on a physical server. In other words, it is tantamount to a mirror server that can be used to retrieve information in the event of a catastrophic server event…like, say, a server being BleachBit erased.

Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized and illegal home-brew email server was using a Datto device throughout its existence. This reality presents an opportunity for the Clinton team to launch into a full-blown panic given that the disjointed FBI investigation – and Wikileaks – has already confirmed that Clinton’s server illegally contained classified and Top Secret material.

That Clinton’s home-brew computer company didn’t realize her machine was still communicating with the Datto device until shortly before they surrendered it to the FBI, is a blunder that could cost Mrs. Clinton both the election and her freedom.

Wednesday afternoon, the Datto Company announced it had surrendered a “hardware device” to the FBI. They also said in a statement they had surrendered all Clinton emails the company had in its possession.

As time is the tyrant here, the question in all of this will be how much pressure comes to the FBI from the Obama Justice Department to obstruct Judicial Watch’s FOIA request. As the DoJ is dirtier than Tammany Hall and the Chicago Daley Machine combined, you can bet this will be slow walked like a slug moving through molasses.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING – ‘You Have Been SERVED!’ – Hillary Just Got the Worst News Of The Campaign

  • October 16, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    I suggest that FBI agents put the American people above the agenda of Hillary,Obama and Comey and start spilling the truth.Be heroes do the right thing.History is in your hands!!

  • October 17, 2016 at 2:24 am

    To all the killary Clinton fans…So the cat is out of the bag, here’s the REAL story. Amb. Stevens was sent to Benghazi post haste in order to retrieve US made Stinger missiles supplied to Ansar al Sharia without Congressional oversight or permission. Hillary brokered the deal through Stevens and a private arms dealer named Marc Turi. Then some of the shoulder fired missiles ended up in Afghanistan used against our own military. It was July 25th, 2012 when a Chinook helicopter was taken down by one of our own Stingers, but the idiot Taliban didn’t arm the missile and the Chinook didn’t explode, but had to land anyway. An ordnance team recovered the serial number off the missile which led back to a cache of Stingers being kept in Qatar by the CIA. Obama and Hillary were now in full panic mode and Stevens was sent in to retrieve the rest of the Stingers. This was a “do-or-die” mission, which explains the stand down orders given to multiple commando teams. It was the State Dept, not the CIA that supplied them to our sworn enemies, because Petraeus wouldn’t supply these deadly weapons due to their potential use on commercial aircraft. Then, Obama threw Gen. Petraeus under the bus after he refused to testify that he OK’d the BS talking points about a spontaneous uprising due to a Youtube video. Obama and Hillary committed treason…and THIS is what the investigation is all about, why she had a private server, (in order to delete the digital evidence), and why Obama, two weeks after the attack, told the UN that the attack was because of a Youtube video, even though everyone knew it was not. Further…the Taliban knew that this administration aided and abetted the enemy without Congressional approval when Boehner created the Select Cmte, and the Taliban began pushing the Obama Administration for the release of 5 Taliban Generals. Bowe Bergdahl was just a pawn…everyone KNEW he was a traitor. So we have a traitor as POTUS that is not only corrupt, but compromised…and a woman that is a serial liar, perjured herself multiple times at the Hearing whom is running for POTUS. Only the Dems, with their hands out, palms up, will support her. Perhaps this is why no military aircraft was called in…because the administration knew our enemies had Stingers.

    I coppied this and pasted it.


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