Here’s Why A Liberal MSNBC Host Is Telling Hillary SHUT UP About Trump’s Taxes!!

The election is coming down to the wire and both sides are panicking in anticipation of what will be a very close race. And while Hillary thinks that pressing Trump on the revelation from the New York Times about his taxes, liberal MSNBC host Mika Brzezinsnki is telling her to shut up about it!!


Apparently she doesn’t think that Trump posting a nearly one billion dollar business loss is as big a deal as Hillary thinks – YOU CAN SEE IN A VIDEO BELOW THE ARTICLE  why:

Wow, by the end of the segment she’s screaming, “get off your high horse!!” But the real reason she’s panicking is that Trump is gaining among voters identifying as “Independents,” a key demographic for this election.

Don’t get her wrong, Mika definitely wants Hillary to win – she’s angry and upset because she sees Trump gliding past his scandals and sees the lying, corrupt Hillary stumbling at every one of hers. It’s their responses to scandals that does it – Trump grabs each scandals and pummels it to death while Hillary denies, deflects and ignores.

And Mika is getting nervous for the cankled communist candidate!!

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