Hacker Just Drops New Clinton Hacked DNC Documents

Another round of hacked Democratic National Committee documents have been released. Provided by an anonymous representative of a hacker, Guccifer, the 500 megabytes detail the DNC’s information technology infrastructure and internal reports on donors.

Forbes reports that in London at the Future of Cyber Security Europe conference, Guccifer addressed cybersecurity experts through an unknown and remote transcriber.

The notorious hacker then shared a trove of documents ostensibly obtained via a breach of the DNC’s cybersecurity. According to Forbes, a password and login was given to them, and the documents they accessed appeared to show details of DNC donors and finances as well as the information technology setup to protect the sensitive data.

document titled “11-26-08 NFC Members Raised” lists more than 450 fundraising individuals who helped bring in millions of dollars for three organizations – Obama for America (OFA), the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and CFC, which is assumed to be the Combined Federal Campaign.

Among the names listed are those who rose to official prominence after working on Obama’s campaigns.

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