BREAKING: Florida Moves for FULL RECOUNT Over HUGE Voter Fraud

BREAKING NEWS: This is huge! The manipulations and hypocrisy of Hilary Clinton is again top news in America. It seems that Florida is going to have a new vote recount.

This happened because of putative hacker attack which resulted with huge voters fraud.

The Detroit Free Press reported that: “hacking, malfunctioning voting machines, and other problems” are sole the reason Hilary lost that day.

Our biggest fears become reality. How could we even doubt that Hilary and her super wealthy donors would let someone else instead of their little pet win the elections?

We have to rise up against this evil! Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan- now Florida. Every state which had a close gap between Trump and Hilary is being put into a vast tornado of lies and intrigues with its eye- the damned recount!

This action may provide heavy problems in Electoral College for our elect-president Donald Trump. May God help us all! The Zionist Devil is at the door!

H/T Web Daily

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