Exotic Islands Of Bali And Komodo, Indonesia

Few places evoke the same lush, exotic imagery such as the islands of Bali and Komodo – small pearl in the vast Indonesian archipelago scattered as scattered necklace in one-seventh of the Earth’s surface. The beauty of the islands is legendary, their biodiversity is stunning, and the rich tapestry of cultures helps new trip to Indonesia to make it memorable. A step away from the coast will experience the excitement of watching the huge Komodo Dragons, surprisingly fast and agile carnivorous lizards, or wear diving suits and discover the colorful world beneath the waves, underwater fantasy equal to anything in the world. There are many ways to cruise the exotic islands of Indonesia, but you can not imagine more than the traditional way of traveling as passenger traffic, cutting water sprinkled with tropical coral reefs and islands dressed with palm trees. Such a ship Sea Safari VII- traditional Indonesian Pinisi boat.


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