DNC Rules Forced Bernie To Endorse Hillary But He Is Still In To Win It!

As per DNC rules, a candidate with an active campaign is not allowed to deny an endorsement of another campaign. Doing so would result in forfeiture of said candidate’s superdelegate states, and the loss of access to the convention floor stage.You must come to understand that the nature of politics is to subtract meaning from language. Although Bernie Sanders is a statesman, he’s still a politician. Have a bit of patience, and wait for Bernie Sanders to make his case at the Democratic National Convention. By “endorsing” Hillary Clinton, Sanders is actively preserving his options, and buying time.”Despite some reports that she is winning at the moment in Philly, there are some who are abandoning Hillary’s ship at the moment we have to wait and see. July 27 is the day when Bernie will speak at the convention!!!

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[Bernie] didn’t concede though and Since Bernie is a Democratic Delegate and a Super Delegate he is contractually obligated to support only Democratic candidates and if he had withheld an endorsement of the PRESUMPTIVE nominee or endorsed a third-party candidate (Stein) he would lose his Delegate/Super Delegate status as well as forfeit his pledged delegates. He took one for the team today so that he could fulfill his promise and we can take this fight all the way to the convention.

sanders remain

You won’t hear him say this probably because to come out and basically say “I was forced to do this before the convention or me and my delegates more or less are out” would give the DNC grounds to claim he wasn’t “acting in good faith of the party ” and would allow them to deny him access to the convention. He wants to  make sure all of his delegates get to  the convention! It is possible that some of Hill’s delegates may not bother going now that they are sure she “Has it in the bag” and I really hope they are thinking just that and don’t. So please share this info and let’s be sure we get all our people there! You can help fund them by going to FundBernieDelegates. com or looking up Bernie delegates gofundme’s!!!!”

Watch this video so you can see that Bernie is still in the game and share this if you are #StillSanders and vote in a poll below!

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