DNC is leaving Sanders Delegates out of the loop and/or giving them inaccurate information

DNC is leaving Sanders Delegates out of the loop and/or giving them inaccurate informationI’ve been chatting with a few Sanders Delegates over the last few days. There is a network of Sanders Delegates to the National Convention that has organized to share information on the upcoming convention. Apparently, the correspondence they’ve been getting from the DNC has been slow to come and when it does don’t seem to make much sense. screenshots for the two conversations have been condensed and are here:

1.) Gavel Time: On Monday, July 25th, gave time has been set for 3pm at Wells Fargo. However, someone contacted many delegates and told them that Bernie wants them at the Pennsylvania Convention Center at 2pm. The Pennsylvania Convention Center (not to be confused with the Wells Fargo Center where the actually Democratic Convention is to take place is not at all close to each other. It’s about 7 miles away and would take about 30 minutes to get there on a normal day. I suggested that this delegate reaches out to the Sanders Campaign to verify this and when he did, the staffer was livid that this information was being passed around. This was not from the campaign. The other Delegate expressed concern at her state delegate meeting about arriving on time but the HRC delegates want everyone to stay together. This is a state where Bernie won a large % of the vote.

2.) Seating at the Convention: It appears that Delegates will sit with their respective states but that HRC delegates are supposed to break up groups of Sanders Delegates and appear unified. From the Delegate: “In general, Hillary delegates have been asked to try and sit in between the Bernie delegates, so that they can be persuading in ears, and elbowing when it’s time to clap for Hillary. Bernie dels will try to resist this.”

3.) There is to be no Sanders Bling/Flair/Shirts or anything showing support for Sanders on the floor. They have asked for clarification on whether this pertains only till after a nominee is finally chosen as the candidate or for the entire event, including Day 1.

I’ll update when more information comes in.

Update on Convention issues: Monday 3 pm start with Sanders following Michelle Obama. Buses to the Convention are running earlier and hopefully enough earlier so we can be seated by 3. On the conference call tonight it was emphasized again not to be late. Sanders workshops scheduled for Monday afternoon have been moved to an earlier time, but we do not know the time yet. Oregon organizers do not know anything about not being able to wear Sanders shirts and are checking on it. More when we learn more.

There were plenty of delegates wearing Hillary crap on the floor in ’08, don’t let them keep you from wearing Bernie flair. And definitely don’t let them separate Sanders supporters. I don’t know why they’d want this, it would separate Hillary supporters, too.

IMPORTANT – please share this widely so that delegates see this. DNC is giving them misleading info.


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