The DNC Rules Are Suspended And They Have To Follow Floor Rules And Nominate Bernie Sanders But Only If Hillary Clinton Step Down On Her Own Those Rules Will Be Enforced

In a case of a health issue Hillary Clinton  has to step down on her own according to the DNC rules, they can suggest, beg, etc but if she refuses to step down. Clinton cannot be ousted from her nomination against her will. She would have to voluntarily give up the role if she felt unable to continue.As for her replacement Bernie Sanders suspended the DNC rules and did not nominate her by acclamation. DNC have to follow floor rules,which mean the second candidate with the highest number of delegates gets the nomination, in this case, Bernie Sanders, not Joe Biden as some suggest because the DNC rules are suspended. But only if Hillary drops out those rules will be enforced.Bernie Sanders show in Philadelphia made him beeing second in line in case Hillary Clinton drops out!The DNC RULES offer two options if Hillary drops out of the race!
1st is if Hillary drops out the second candidate with the highest number of delegates gets the nomination, in this
case, Bernie Sanders(which is a rule that was in charge since 1968 DNC convention in Chicago,Illinois)! 2nd is that The DNC has the full authority to name a replacement for Hillary should she stop running for president
for some reason! Fortunately for Sanders supporters,THE DNC RULES are SUSPENDED. Sanders suspended the rules and did not nominate her by acclamation (as you can see in the video below) what he said was:


What he said was, “Madam Chair, I move that the convention suspend the procedural rules. I move that all votes…all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record and I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee for the Democratic party of the United States.” After waving to the crowd, he and Jane turned around and walked out. (Notice that he did NOT even say the words “I nominate

Should anything happen, as a nominated candidate, it is still POSSIBLE for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to be our next President?

  • U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders ONLY endorse CLINTON.
  • U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders WAS NOMINATED by the DNC.
  • U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders WAS SECONDED by Tulsi Gabbard.
  • U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders DID NOT CONCEDE to CLINTON.
  • U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders DID NOT suspend his campaign.
  • Senator Bernie Sander’s endorsement may have been a tactical master stroke of political maneuvering.

Bernie can always switch back to a Democrat. There is nothing preventing that. Simple form to fill out.

Bernie and Hillary were both nominated in a contested convention. Hillary won the contest, yet both were nominated. Yes, Bernie didn’t win, but his nomination was seconded.

Yes, the nominating process is over. That is very important! Two nominees were motioned, both were seconded. As there were two it had to be contested. A roll count was agreed upon. Hillary won the contest between the two. Sanders is still one of the two. He lost the contest, not his nomination coming short of first place.

Hillary Clinton health is becoming a real issue so if she drops out of the race, Sanders can logically morally and legally claim to become the presidential nominee.

Bernie’s 2nd Motion: All votes be reflected in the official records. – It’s official now! If Hillary drops out for whatever reason, Bernie can successfully claim to become the presidential nominee of the dem. party based on the official records!!!

If anybody else was given the nomination except Bernie there would be absolute mutiny share this article if you agree.Vote in a poll below the videos, do you want Bernie Sanders back in the race?

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