I have not seen this video before. It is damning as all get out. In it, you see Democratic staffers in Illinois, Pennsylvania and Arizona blatantly stuffing ballet boxes for Hillary Clinton. I don’t know how these women did not know they would be caught on camera doing this. I also don’t know why this wasn’t exposed during the primaries and dealt with by the DNC.


In Illinois, you see a woman taking a whole stack of votes and stuffing the box in multiple trips. The monitor there turns her back to the woman and covers her eyes as if to indicate she’s not seeing anything. Both of these women are guilty of voter fraud and should be prosecuted.This video actually proves that Senator Bernie Sanders is the winner of the democratic primaries. Also, there is good chance that Hillary and her team will try this in the general election against Donald Trump


For them, the ends justify the means.

It’s sickening and so un-American.

This video BUSTS cheating Democrats stuffing ballots boxes.

In Pennsylvania, the boxes were also stuffed by staffers. They would wait until no one was looking (or so they thought) to do it. Then they would rush over and stuff a bunch through the slot. Numerous staffers would stand in front of the staffer as well, blocking the view of her doing the stuffing. Again, all are complicit and guilty of voter fraud.

Arizona was worst of all. Four or five women stuffed hundreds of ballots in three different boxes. They were in a hurry, but had the stuffing down to a science handing off ballots to each other in a fraudulent relay race. It was so brazen it was shocking. Arizona – you need to find these women and charge them over this.

It’s not just stuffing ballot boxes though… the dead are voting in a record turnout across the nation. IDs are being issued like candy with no verification of identity at all. People can vote anywhere they want and over and over again. Refugees and illegal aliens are voting by the thousands as well. And Hillary has an overseas campaign to get expats to vote for her to stop Trump.

This election is the most corrupt one in our lifetime. Watching this video definitely bears that out. If they’ll do it in the primary, just think what they will do in the general.


Posted by USA Supreme on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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