Calvin Klein Doesn’t Like Kendall Jenner

Designer Calvin Klein said that he count Kendall Jenner to be the-the right choice of model for the latest campaign of the brand, which certainly cause reactions.

Kendall Jenner shows delectable derrière's are in the genes as one of the faces of Calvin Kleins latest underwear campaigns.

He adds that there is no full control over the brand, thus, does not decide alone about it. However, it is not a secret that he is not a big fan of Jenner.

-Honestly, I’m not very familiar with it. I am sure she is a beautiful young woman, but it’s not something I would do. Justin again, is a good choice – says the designer.

Klein is annoyed that the models today are hired according to how many followers have on the social networks.

-When I say that I like Justin Bieber in the campaign of “Calvin Klein” it because I like it, not because it has millions of followers on social networks. Today models are paid based on by how many people “follow” them. Not engage because they represent a great designer, which is what I would like extremely, but because of the crowd that followed. In the long run, I think it will not bring good results. Also, I think it is a good formula for success of the product you want to sell it – says the designer.

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