BREAKING: Post-RNC Poll Trump Just Broke a Record

GOP nominee Donald Trump is now leading in yet another major national poll.In the wake of both his own convention and the Wikileaks scandal that has confirmed Democrat National Committee bias against Sen. Bernie Sanders during the Democrat primary, Trump has seen a “bounce” in the polls decidedly in his favor, which hasn’t happened since 2000.And if you’ll recall, Republicans won the presidential election in 2000.

In a CNN poll that included both significant minor party candidates, Green Party Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson, Donald Trump showed a massive lead. In that poll, he held 44 percent of the support. Democrat presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton garnered just 39.

Even in the head-to-head poll, he made a serious mark, with 48 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 45.

That’s a 6-point change for Trump, and there’s no reason it should stop there.

The issue is, as it always has been, that voters just do not trust Hillary Clinton. According to another CNN poll, 68 percent of voters do not trust her; only 30 percent did.

Best of all, it seemed that folks were starting to see Trump for who he really is: Before the convention, a scant 39 percent of the population looked at him favorably, but he now stood at a more respectable 46 percent.

More than that, voters in the country have chosen to believe that Trump was actually running for president for the good of the country, as opposed to just being power-hungry. Over half of the voters, 52 percent, believed him to be running for benevolent reasons, but only 44 percent of voters were able to agree with the same statement about Clinton.

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