Breaking News! Trump: Obama Is The One to Blame for American Blood in Orlando Not The AR 15-Rifle!

Donald Trump seemed to repeatedly accuse President Obama of identifying with radicalized Muslims who have carried out terrorist “Look, we’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind,” Trump said in a lengthy interview on Fox News early Monday morning.For months, Trump has slyly suggested that the president is not Christian and has questioned his compassion toward Muslims.Today he come up with another attack on US president.

Trump in interview this morning throw deadly arrows on the US president :

Obama Is The One to Blame for American Blood in Orlando Not The AR 15-Rifle!

“It was the worst terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11, and the second of its kind in 6 months. My deepest sympathy and support goes out to the victims, the wounded, and their families.”

Trump’s view is that everything is going to hell and that we need a radical, authoritarian shift to protect ourselves. He says that we must seek to exclude Muslims from the US and arm ourselves personally to protect against violent attack, because Americans and Muslims have a fundamental and unbridgeable difference in values.

Trump indulged in fever dreams, saying that “Clinton wants to allow radical Islamic terrorists to pour into our country.”

Trump, who has previously said that “Islam hates us,” accepts the ISIS frame of a fundamental struggle between Islam and the West. Trump’s choice of this frame will increase sympathy for jihad among Muslims abroad, making it easier for terrorist groups to recruit.

Donald Trump warned us that more terror was coming. We are being led by a weak administration who is more interested in “gender neutral bathrooms” than focusing on, and IDENTIFYING the enemy, both at home and abroad.Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to call this what are the Orlando attacks, it is Radical Islamic Terror.How can you defeat an enemy you can’t even name?

Here is a video of Donald Trump and his views on Orlando attack:

So tell us your opinion on the newest attack by Donald Trump on the Obama administration and share this if you agree with Mr.Trump!!!


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