Breaking News ! This is a Shocking Hint Hillary May Not Be The Democrat Candidate

Donald Trump on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night and agreed to something that might hint that it is Bernie Sanders that would be his opponent and Democrat candidate in November  – he agreed to debate Bernie Sanders since Hillary won’t debate the socialist!!

Here is a video of Donald  responding to the challenge from Bernie Sanders on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night at about the 13 minute mark:

The interesting thing about this is that never before in the US history has happened to have a presidential debate between the presumptive nominee of one party and the runner-up of the other so is this a factor that shows that Trump and the US citizens think that Bernie will be the opponent in November. With Hillary Clinton’s email problems just got much worse,ongoing FBI investigation and the fact that in virtually every poll taken in the last two months has Bernie doing better against Trump than Hillary Clinton.According to Real Clear Politics, Bernie Sanders defeats Donald Trump in an average of polls by 10.8 points.So is it realistic to think that Bernie can be the Trump opponent in November we think yes and there is an article below this one that just confirm that

In This video we can see a little of what can we expect in this debate

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