Breaking News! Bernie Can Become President as an Independent Candidate

Bernie Sanders has rebuffed all questions about whether he will try an independent run at the White House.Sanders has been steadfast in his stance that keeping Donald Trump out of the White House is his top goal, and had used that justification against the possibility of a third-party run this fall. Sanders said he would refuse to play the spoiler, potentially splitting the left-leaning vote and allowing Trump to win.

But with the rapidly changing circumstances regarding the race, Bernie Sanders may now be considering an independent run. Sanders has proven to be the only Democratic candidate who can consistently beat Donald Trump in polls,and a in a still open poll made by USA SUPREME on the question Would You Support Bernie Sanders as an Independent Candidate many of our readers has answered with yes.  At this point he has pressed to the party’s superdelegates in a bid to win their support over Hillary Clinton and take the nomination. Clinton also remains embroiled in an FBI investigation that could potentially up-end her campaign, a point Sanders has not brought up publicly much but that could be in the back of the mind for superdelegates,but with superdelegates choose Hillary over Bernie the only way for Sanders to be on the voting list in November is as an independent candidate he surely is the best option when you see the list below.

Bernie Sanders

A Philadelphia organizer and leader of the Black Men for Bernie group, Gary Frazier, told CNN,You can’t expose the corruption of the political system and then expect us to get behind that same political system.”

Frazier also told CNN that “If Bernie Sanders does not walk out of that thing as the nominee, we can guarantee you from that point on we’ll start the de-registration of the Democratic Party.” Sanders himself has called his campaign a “political revolution” from the start, calling for changes to the presidential nominating process by limiting money in politics; he has spoken against the Democratic establishment; and has aggressively touched on the importance of rebuilding the middle class. But after losing on Monday, if Sanders doesn’t run on an independent ticket, what will his political revolution actually mean?

From war to Wall Street, and flip flops on everything from the TPP to Keystone XL, a great many Bernie supporters will never support Clinton. On a national stage, Clinton has negative favorability ratings in every single national poll. Beyond the confines of the Democratic establishment, it’s a different ballgame. The DNC can’t limit debates with Trump, and believe me, Trump won’t watch his tone.

No, America isn’t a closed Democratic Primary.

Bernie Sanders should run as an independent, if he must, since he could easily win the presidency,and here are the top ten reasons why he can become president.

Ralph Nader won 2,882,955 votes in 2000, in a world where gay marriage, diplomatic relations with Cuba, an arms treaty with Iran, and an African American president were seen by millions as virtually impossible. Times have changed, and Bernie is a Democratic-socialist, not a Fox News socialist. That poll you’ve heard cited, even by Democrats, is completely irrelevant.

If the Democratic Party blatantly ignores the values and beliefs of millions, and then risks a mutiny from an independent campaign because of this hubris, then it’s the DNC that must acquiesce; not the voters against Clinton’s neoconservative appeal, or ties to Wall Street.

If Sanders were to run as an independent candidate, he could likely garner a lot of national support. Forty percent of American voters identify as independents — that’s nearly half of people of voting age who are also registered to vote, and Sanders has done well among independent voters. But whether Sanders joins the race as an independent candidate truly depends on how serious he is about taking down the Democratic establishment if he is, then he is ready for it and the Bernie revolution will go on.

You can see the poll results on the question(Would You Support Bernie Sanders as an Independent Candidate? ) in a link below and if you are a supporter of the Bernie Revolution than you can give your contribution by voting and sharing this article and the poll below.

3 thoughts on “Breaking News! Bernie Can Become President as an Independent Candidate

  • June 9, 2016 at 11:12 am

    Breaking News! Bernie Can Become President as an Independent Candidate

    It is very obvious that Hillary Clinton is a continuation of Top 1% establishment politics as usual while Bernie speaks for and provides agenda for 99% of people rather that what evil Top 1% demand! We want Democracy Restored and doing only what Corprotocracy wants and thereby further decimating US working class is NOT acceptabld, so Hillary and DNC must include Bernie’s agenda for the people must be included in DNC Platform and Hillary Clinton policies if she wants the support of WE THE PEOPLE!!! #StillSanders #VoteOutCrooks #RevoltAgainstPlutocracy #EnoughIsEnough #Medicare50 #EndCorruption #UsNotMe #BernieTellsTheTruth #IntegrityMatters #EndCitizensUnited #People4BernieSanders #Justice4All #EndCitizensUnited #DoRightThing

    • June 26, 2016 at 9:49 am

      Love it ,sharing it, get the word out people ,Bernie don’t give up !!! WE NEED YOUUUUUUU!!! WE THE PEOPLE ,OF THE PEOPLE ,FOR THE PEOPLE !!!!!

  • June 10, 2016 at 8:30 am

    I love the idea, but I’m afraid it will indiscriminately hurt Clinton not Trump. And in this crazy election cycle this is the lesser evil. If only we had a French run-off type two-round system… USA has a crazily outdated and derelict election system.


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