BREAKING! New Email Shows Hillary SELLING State Dept. Access!!

More emails are being released from Hillary’s time at the State Department and they’re providing more and more evidence that she was selling influence to donors to the Clinton Foundation.

 In this email posted by VICE columnist Michael Tracey, Clinton aides talk about recommending someone for an ambassadorship because they “owe” him something. The name is redacted:

The email reads: “Can someone pls call [redacted]. He calls me every day and we owe him some attention.”

Huma Abedin responds: “I’m calling him tonite. I talk to him regularly. He was on hrc’s top priority list for an ambassadorship and they just turned him down.”

SO what did they “owe” this guy for and why does it appear that she’s simply selling access to ambassadorships here? Hillary has tried to defend herself saying sometimes there’s no fire when there’s smoke, but it’s getting pretty smoky in that campaign!! Just recently the Clinton Foundation has to completely redo their taxes for the last few YEARS because of “discrepancies” in their reporting.

AND to make things worse for Hillary, a hacker claims that he’s stolen the Foundation’s information!!

Watch below:

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