BREAKING: DNC Calling ‘Emergency Meeting’ To Consider Replacing Hillary Clinton (DETAILS)

Emmy award winning New York City journalist David Shuster, who has anchored for both MSNBC and Al Jazeera, has just tweeted that ranking operatives of the Democratic National Committee have warned the public to expect an emergency meeting to consider replacing Hillary Clinton as Democratic presidential nominee.The DNC rules offer two options if Hillary drops out of the race!You can view the full DNC rules book below this article! First is if Hillary drops out the second candidate with the highest number of delegates gets the nomination, in this case, Bernie Sanders(which is a rule that was in charge since 1968 DNC convention in Chicago,Illinois)! And the second is that The democratic national committee has the full authority to name a replacement for Hillary should she stop running for president for some reason! Fortunately for Sanders supporters,the DNC rules are suspended. The bylaws are not suspended, the bylaws give the right to the next candidate with the required delegates to be the presidential nominee. Bernie suspended the rules and did not nominate her by acclamation. You can read about this in an article below the video!


The meeting comes hours after Clinton collapsed while at an early Sunday morning New York City memorial service for the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks which took place 15 years ago today.

Furthermore, such a meeting as is now apparently pending if not already underway could legitimately conclude with a new presidential nominee.

That’s right- the DNC holds the authority to fill vacancies in the nomination for the presidency. And you thought the Democratic Party’s primary process could have been a little more democratic.

Who would replace Clinton? Bernie Sanders, perhaps, seeing as he was the runner up in the race for the nomination.

Would replacing Clinton be within reason? Yes.

For hours on Sunday the public waited, wondering what had went wrong with the presidential nominee’s health, until late Sunday afternoon finally saw a statement released from the Clinton campaign featuring Clinton’s doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack, who said that she was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday.

source Gateway Pundit

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