Bernie Started Out At 3%, Just Like Jill,But She is Rising Rapidly And Will Be A Real Surprise In November

Ever since Democrats and Republicans seized control of the televised presidential debates, third-party candidates haven’t fared well. But in this ‘Year of the Outsider. The Green Party’s Jill Stein  have a chance to break into the debates.To get in, Stein  must appear on enough state ballots to win and register at least 15 percent in five national polls.With ill Stein is polling at record numbers for the Green Party! In  recent polls, Stein support from Bernie Sanders supporters is huge in a survey that was taken online and through mobile phone calls almost90% of Bernie supporters now turn to Jill Stein and will continue the political revolution with her! Remeber that Bernie Started Out At 3%, Just Like Jill,But She is Rising Rapidly And Will Be A Real Surprise In November!

Jill Stein is polling at record numbers for the Green Party! As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both gear up for the final stretch of the 2016 election season, voters disappointed in both establishment candidates are looking for third-party alternatives, and this may be the year that a third party candidate actually makes a splash in the presidential election. according to Red State, while Slatereports that Jill Stein is polling “in the low single digits.” While those numbers may not seem particularly impressive compared to Clinton’s and Trump’s poll numbers, they are downright astronomical compared to how either candidate fared in 2012. And she can only get better and even challenge them in November with almost 90% of Sanders voter behind her.


Stein is capitalizing on the voters’ dislike of the major-party candidates. Trump and Clinton have failed to fully secure their parties’ bases, and both are polarizing figures who draw nothing short of open hatred from their opponents’ bases.Meanwhile, she has been presenting herself as the leftist alternative to disappointed Bernie Sanders supporters who can’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary. She even showed up at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, according to Slate, to carry on a sort-of alternative convention to bring Sanders supporters to her cause.Given the fact and the similarities between Sanders and Stein as you can see below then we can expect more to join the Green Party and Stein after latest demexit!

Individual Rights:

Bernie Sanders

Jill Stein
Domestic Issues
Bernie Sanders

Jill Stein

Topic Position

Well, we know that on almost every big question Individual Rights,Ideology, Domestic Issues, Economic Issues,Defense and International Issues Sanders and Stein have a similar view.

stein Bernie

Should neither Trump nor Clinton earn 270 electoral votes, the amount needed to secure the White House, the vote for president falls to the House of Representatives. If that happens, Stein could theoretically emerge as a compromise candidate who could once elected President, appeal to both sides of the aisle and work with both parties.As more disappointed voters look to third party alternatives, 2016 may be the year when American finally warms up to the idea of third parties.


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