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Loyal fans of Bernie Sanders have a difficult decision to make. If Hillary Clinton faces off against Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, legions of Sanders supporters will have to decide whether to switch allegiances or stand by Bernie until the bitter end and write in Sanders.Many people talk about  that they will Write him In. Here is the information that you need to know about Write-Ins: If Bernie decides to run a Write-In campaign and files in each state as required would he be able to secure the Presidency. Bernie has said he will not run a Write-In campaign, but since he has faced such animosity from the DNC, we anticipate he may change his mind after July 25 national convention.There has been a post circulating around on Facebook that is misinforming Bernie Supporters here are the official rules about write-in!

Only Alabama, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin will accept Bernie as a write-in. But if he does file as necessary, this is the breakdown!

The 7 States that do not allow write-in votes are Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

The other 35 states that allow write-in votes require paperwork, petitions, or filing fees to be validated and submitted by a deadline. These deadlines vary in each state, such as Colorado’s deadline is July 21st whereas Illinois’ deadline is September 8th. You can find the deadlines for each state at the bottom of this article:

The following states you CANNOT write in any candidate(9 states, including California, write-ins are allowed in primaries but NOT the General Election. If Bernie does not get the nomination, he cannot be written-in in California because he was not a write in candidate during the primary.

Arkansas 6
Hawaii 4
Louisiana 8
Mississippi 6
Nevada 6
New Mexico 5
Oklahoma 7
South Dakota 3


The following states have “Sore Loser” laws, which means that since Bernie ran in the Democratic party, if he does not secure the nomination, he cannot run as an Independent or Write-In campaign for the same office that he “lost” in the primary. (8 states)

Georgia 16
Illinois 20
Indiana 11
Missouri 10
North Carolina 15
Oregon 7
South Carolina 9
Washington 12


If Bernie does not get the nomination, he can still be written-in in Indiana, Oregon, or Washington because he won those states during the Primary.


And, finally, in the following states, Bernie would need to file according to each state’s laws in order for the write-in votes to be counted(25 states).

Alaska 3
Arizona 11
Colorado 9
Connecticut 7
Deleware 3
Florida 29
Idaho 4
Kansas 6
Kentucky 8
Maine 4
Maryland 10
Massachusetts 11
Michigan 16
Minnesota 10
Montana 3
Nebraska 5
New York 29
North Dakota 3
Ohio 18
Tennessee 11
Texas 38
Utah 6
Virginia 13
West Virginia 5
Wyoming 3


If Bernie won every Write-In State, he would receive 368 electoral votes when only 270 are needed.We all wanna see Bernie Sanders  becomes a nominee because the FBI isn’t giving Hillary Clinton a parking ticket.Rest assured, if Clinton’s FBI investigation runs through November, say hello to an even greater Republican majority in Congress.But if the superdelegates don’t realize that danger and continue with Hillary would you write in Bernie Sanders?Vote in this poll and share this because this is real info of the write-in states because there has been a post circulating around on Facebook that is misinforming Bernie Supporters!

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Deadline fore every state:

Alaska November 3rd

Arizona Sept 29th

California Oct 25th

Colorado July 21st

Delaware Sept 30th

Connecticut Oct 25th

Georgia Sept 6th

Hawaii No write-ins

Idaho Oct 11th

Illinois Sept 8th

Indiana July 5th

Iowa no filing requirements

Kansas Oct 31st

Kentucky Oct 23rd

Louisiana No Write-Ins

Maine Sept 24th(45 days before election)

Maryland Nov 2nd

Massachusetts ????-no official statement 

Michigan Oct 28th

Minnesota Nov 1st

Mississippi No-write ins

Missouri No write ins(if lost in primary)

Nebraska  October 28, 2016

New York  File October 11, 2016                             

North Dakota  File October 18, 2016

Tennessee  File September 19, 2016

Utah  File September 9, 2016

Virginia File October 28, 2016

West Virginia  File September 20, 2016

5 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Write-In States

  • August 22, 2016 at 12:47 am

    Bernie more than ever!

  • October 3, 2016 at 4:54 am

    Write-ins ARE ALLOWED in the general election in Caalifornia, for the office of President. That needs to be corrected in this article. Also, for those who didn’t notice, Tulsi Gabbard did nominate Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Conventions, plus when Bernie moved to “select” Hillary as the nominee, the DNC Chair claimed falsely that he had moved to nominate her by acclamation, which is not at all the same thing, so a move that never happened was seconded and her nomination is no more legitimately official than his. Also, there is plenty of evidence that cheating went on in the DNC, invalidating the contest, so Bernie DID NOT LOSE IN ANY SENSE, which means that “Sore Loser” laws CANNOT legally be applied, and also that reasonable accomodation should be made regarding any requirements for filing since the people have been lied to about what their options are! {Twitter: @DonaldKronos}

  • October 13, 2016 at 7:15 am

    What about Wisconsin ? I don’t see it listed, big time Bernie fan !!!

  • October 14, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    This is horrible, and it is the reason Trump may win. You ppl are fucking dumb, and ignoring what happened in 2000 when Gore lost because of Nader’s 2.7%. Shame on this ignorant article

    • October 14, 2016 at 9:10 pm

      Ignorant! Read this article it only shows the rules.
      Thanks, USA Supreme team


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