Bernie Sanders Will Win the Contested Democratic Convention!

Sanders endorsed Clinton under DNC Rules to preserve his pledged delegates for the convention roll call vote. To be clear SANDERS HAS NOT CONCEDED TO CLINTON, AND IS CONTESTING THE CONVENTION! Bernie Sanders is ready for a contested Democratic convention.Whether branded a “sore loser” or a “movement candidate,” Sanders isn’t the first Democratic hopeful to refuse to withdraw from the race before the party’s national convention.First he has to endorse Hillary so that he can speak at the convention and keep his delegates. Bernie’s delegates as I’ve read are still being called & asked if they will be attending the convention, so why would they do that and waste their time if he is not still in it to win it!FDR endorsed his opponent Al Smith and went on to win the nomination at the contested convention. Throughout the past three decades, many candidates on the Democratic side have continued to campaign until the bitter end, putting the final spread down to a few hundred delegates.Mr. Sanders , insists that the convention will be contested because he is still lobbying superdelegates — party officials and state leaders who cast their final votes at the convention — to withdraw support from Mrs. Clinton and back him instead. He plans to make the case that he is a stronger candidate against Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. A number of polls, he said, show he can beat Mr. Trump by larger margins than Mrs. Clinton can.

Supredelegates exist to ensure that people like Hillary Clinton don’t propel Donald Trump into the Oval Office. With Bernie Sanders, there’s no risk of DOJ indictments, and he defeats Trump by a wider margin than Clinton. Sanders has repeatedly vowed to campaign for the White House until the Democratic National Convention, July 25-28, even as he trails the former secretary of state by several hundred delegates. At this point, Sanders might be staying in the race simply to advance his favorite causes, including free college tuition and Wall Street reform, more than any hope for personal gain, according to one expert.

“Most people believe that he’s a movement candidate, that he’s got a message he wants to continue to push through the convention,” said Timothy Hagle, an associate professor of political science at the University of Iowa. “He’s older and probably doesn’t have any ambitions or expectations that he could run again,” said Hagle, calling the 2016 race “Sanders’ last go-around.”

Every Bernie supporter need to know that patience is the key and Bernie can win it has happen before!FDR endorsed his opponent Al Smith  and went on to win the nomination at the contested convention enjoy this video of 1932 contested national convention to see that Bernie is in the same situation only in different time in the video below.


If Sanders competes until the very end he will win something like this has happened before in American history it can happen again! Also, there are some reports that superdelegtes will flip sides and chose Bernie as you can see in a link below.Share this if you believe in victory in Philadelphia!


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