Bernie Sanders Revolution Is Still Alive!

A YEAR AGO, WHEN BERNIE SANDERS ANNOUNCED HIS RUN FOR PRESIDENT, few thought his bid would amount to more than a protest campaign. But today, after more than 2 million donors and 400,000 volunteers have helped Sanders build a highly effective political organization that has earned him victories in 18 states so far, activists are strategizing about how to turn his campaign into a long-term movement.Bernie Sanders, the most successful left-progressive candidate of the post-Reagan era. Sanders’ transformative campaign has already created the blueprint for an ongoing movement to rebuild the middle class, overcome the powerful forces aligned against working people in the 21st century and set the country on a course for social and environmental justice.  Sanders  seeks a radical reconfiguration of American politics and society—and even the revitalization and redemption of the modern revolutionary tradition.Even if Sanders doesn’t win in this year election he has a plan for the political revolution!As the Vermont senator said himself it is not about him it is about the revolution!Bernie Sanders Revolution Is Still Alive With or Without Him!


“Election days come and go but what is much more important is that political and social revolutions continue,”- Bernie Sanders

In an exclusive interview with USA TODAY, the Vermont senator detailed plans to launch educational and political organizations within the next few weeks to keep his progressive movement alive. The Sanders Institute will help raise awareness of “enormous crises” facing Americans. The Our Revolution political organization will help recruit, train and fund progressive candidates’ campaigns. And a third political organization may play a more direct role in campaign advertising.

he live-streamed address was a chance for Sanders to give his passionate supporters an idea of what comes next, after the primary season ended  with Clinton having earned more than enough delegates to secure the nomination.  Bernie Sanders: “Political revolution must continue”(Video)

The big question here is do you still support The Bernie  Sanders Revolution.Vote now and share if you #FeelTheBern

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