Bernie Sanders:”Political revolution must continue”

The live-streamed address was a chance for Sanders to give his passionate supporters an idea of what comes next, after the primary season ended earlier this week with Clinton having earned more than enough delegates to secure the nomination. Bernie Sanders vowed to fight for “the most progressive platform” in Democratic Party history as well as reforms to the party itself‎, in an online address to supporters in which the presidential candidate made clear he’s not dropping out yet.

From the graphiq we can see that if the super-delegates want they can make a change maybe that is what Sander is hoping for?

[graphiq id=”g7zJiKktb9P” title=”Delegates Awarded to Democratic Candidates” width=”600" height=”529" url=”” link=”” link_text=”Delegates Awarded to Democratic Candidates | InsideGov” ]

“We’re already way past the maximum point of leverage that he and his movement built up. It’s definitely dissipating every day,” said Joe Trippi, a Democratic strategist and veteran of presidential campaigns. But Joe Trippi doesn’t understand that this is about for political revolution.

Sanders said the “political revolution” continues but signaled that would revolve around fighting for changes to the party platform and system.”My hope is that when future historians look back and describe how our country moved forward into reversing the drift toward oligarchy, and created a government which represents all the people and not just the few, they will note that, to a significant degree, that effort began with the political revolution of 2016,” Sanders said.

“We must continue our grassroots efforts to create the America that we know we can become,” the Vermont senator said. “And we must take that energy into the Democratic National Convention on July 25 in Philadelphia where we will have more than 1,900 delegates.”

Yet the senator emphasized that defeating “Trump cannot be our only goal,” pivoting to a discussion of his Democratic rival. “It is no secret that Secretary Clinton and I have strong disagreements on some very important issues,” Sanders noted,

Yes Sanders didn’t mentioned is he gonna drop out of the race or if he endorse Clinton. well so far so good The Revolution continues. Give us your opinion in comment and share this if you believe that The Bernie Sanders Revolution continues!

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