Bernie Sanders Was Forced To Endorse Hillary Clinton Under DNC Rules, But Can Go On To Win A Contested Convention Like FDR Before Him

Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton on 12 July 2016 but did not suspend his campaign. Sanders’ pre-convention endorsement was a requirement under Democratic National Committee (DNC) rules as a condition of bringing his delegates to the convention, just as Franklin Delano Roosevelt had similarly been forced to endorse an opponent before going on to win at a contested convention(you can see a video below from 1932 contested national convention that shows us that that info is not fake). Sanders endorsed Clinton under DNC Rules to preserve his pledged delegates for the convention roll call vote.Bernie Sanders is ready for a contested Democratic convention.Bernie’s delegates as I’ve read are still being called & asked if they will be attending the convention, so why would they do that and waste their time if he is not still in it to win it!After He endorsed her Bernie made a 38-minute long call to his delegates, Sanders maintained the campaign won 22 states and lost several more “by a hair,” stating that a majority of voters under 45 from all demographics overwhelmingly voted for him in primaries and caucuses.With the latest polls showing Clinton is going behind Trump DNC superdelegates have to reconsider their decision for the democratic nominee!Despite some reports that she is winning at the moment in Philly, there are some who are abandoning Hillary’s ship at the moment we have to wait and see. July 27 is the day when Bernie will speak at the convention!!!

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But, surely, Sanders was simply touting his successes as a way of winding up to the big moment when he acknowledged — even subtly — that Clinton’s more moderate, cautious and pragmatic definition of “Democrat” had trumped (ahem) his more liberal, populist one? … Nope! Not really. What followed in the speech was a laundry list of Sanders’s talking points and policies supplemented with the phrases “Hillary believes” or “Hillary understands” or “Hillary knows” stuck in front of them … On and on it went, Sanders touting a much-beloved policy of his and then noting that Clinton agreed with it.

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Sanders is heading into a contested convention and endorsed his rival, just like FDR before him.

In 1932, the leadership of the Democratic National Committee was firmly in the hands of Al Smith loyalists. Convention rules required a two-thirds majority for nomination, and the party’s last three presidential candidates — James Cox of Ohio, the Wall Street lawyer John W. Davis and Al Smith — in addition to House Speaker John Garner and Senate minority leader Joe Robinson, were on record supporting the stand-aside economic policies of the Hoover administration and the ill-conceived and exorbitant Smoot-Hawley tariffs on imported goods.

Roosevelt was an outsider. Serving his second term as governor of New York, he could not even count on the solid support of the Empire State’s delegation at the convention … all of F.D.R.’s rivals were from the pro-business, hard-money, establishment wing of the Democratic Party and decried the possibility of government intervention to revive the economy. “Let natural forces take their course, as free and untrammeled as possible,” said Governor Ritchie.

This video portrays the despicable acts of Goldman Sachs, the Morgans, the British Oligarchy and the other big money players doing everything they could to forcefully take government away from the people and put it into the hands of the Establishment elites.Just like today Hillary and her Wall Street money are trying to take down Bernie Sanders and his revolution. SHARE THIS ARTICLE AND HELP BERNIE MAKE HISTORY AND VOTE IN A POLL BELOW IF YOU STILL SUPPORT THE BERNIE SANDERS REVOLUTION!


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4 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Was Forced To Endorse Hillary Clinton Under DNC Rules, But Can Go On To Win A Contested Convention Like FDR Before Him

  • July 15, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    Bernie or Jill, depending on DNC outcome. ?

    • July 26, 2016 at 9:56 pm

      You cry babies need to get over it. Can’t you understand that this is a battle not the war. Bernie has been fighting this war for most of his life and you’re crying over one battle. The real test of HIS revolution is whether or not you are as active in the mid term election.

      Stop being drama queens!

    • September 11, 2016 at 10:33 am

      There needs to be extensive energy put into campaign to write in Bernie Sanders. Without that in place ex-Dems are left Jill or no vote at all. Ex-pat ??

  • July 27, 2016 at 2:59 am

    Good grief – this is ridiculous. It’s as ridiculous as all of the idiots that believe Stein, Johnson, or Trump are closer to Bernie than Clinton. I expect this kind of nonsense and childishness from Republicans, but I seriously cannot believe the amount of stupid that has leaked into the water of so many people in this country pretending to be liberals without having the slightest clue about any of the issues.


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