Bernie Sanders: We Got 1900 Delegates We Are Of To Philadelphia!

Bernie Sanders defended  his decision to continue his Democratic presidential campaign without endorsing Hillary Clinton.In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Sen. Bernie Sanders responds after he was booed by House Democrats after deflecting questions about when he would formally back Hillary Clinton for president.”The nomination is not the only aspect of what politics is about. What politics is about is trying to do well by the middle class and by working families. That is what I am struggling to do,” Sanders told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an interview.On the question of his presidential race, he said we got 1900 delegates we are off to Philadelphia.


Sen. Bernie Sanders reiterated the FBI position that there were “serious problems” with the way Hillary Clinton handled classified information. Sanders, also he is sure Republicans will “politicize” the matter.

WOLF BLITZER: So the question is do you have confidence in the way Hillary Clinton handled classified information during her four years as secretary of state?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: I think what the FBI report said is there were serious problems, and you know, that’s what the case is.

BLITZER: The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, said he doesn’t think she should have access to classified information if she’s the Democratic nominee. As you know, both candidates get classified briefings on a daily basis after the conventions.

SEN. SANDERS: What we can be 100 percent assured of is the Republicans will politicize this issue and they will do everything they can to keep it in the papers.

BLITZER: But Comey was very, very tough on her.
SEN. SANDERS: He was, alright. That’s his job, to be objective, to be fair. I think he did what appears to be a serious investigation.

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