POLL! Bernie or Hillary Who Will Win Democratic Nomination?

The tight race follows a dramatic few days in which the divide among Democrats — overshadowed for much of the primary season by the rollicking GOP contest — is increasingly apparent.

Bernie Sanders’ political revolution — and how far he’s willing to take his presidential campaign — may hinge on the outcome of the California primary Tuesday, with Hillary Clinton poised to clinch the Democratic nomination in the coming days.

Sanders is showing few signs of surrender as end of the primaries loom, pointing out his differences with Clinton and vowing to take his bid to the party’s convention in July.

A Sanders victory in California’s primary would be an embarrassment for Clinton and embolden the Vermont senator to aggressively lobby superdelegates — elected and party officials — to switch their support to him. Clinton has begun forcefully defining Trump on national security and temperament for the White House, but Sanders refuses to yield as California polls narrow.

Who would win the Democratic nomination

Particularly on women’s rights and women’s-health issues, Sanders’ and Clinton’s positions are seemingly identical — both support equal-pay bills, both favor universal pre-kindergarten education programs, and both support paid family leave. They’re also fairly close together on issues like immigration and some aspects of campaign finance.


With just 9 contests to go, the Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is reaching its final weeks–but as the end gets closer, Sanders is intensifying, rather than softening his rhetoric against the front-runner.

He has railed against the primary process, calling it “dumb and suggesting the Democratic Party is not playing fair when it comes to his campaign. After months of saying he did not consider Clinton’s private email server to be a campaign issue, Sanders said on Sunday that voters and Democratic delegates should take a “hard look at a new report criticizing Clinton for her email use.

But despite some similarities, Sanders remains a challenger with legitimate claims to run as a progressive alternative to Clinton.Despite all this we ask you who would you vote for Bernie or Hillary vote now!

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