Assange: Our Next Leak Can Bring Hillary Down Because It Is Something That FBI Can’t Overlook!

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has accused Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of committing “extortion” by hyping fears over the possibility of a Republican victory in order to attract left-wing voters.Both Trump and Sanders supporters are waiting with bated breath for the next email dump from Julian Assange, the founder and editor in chief of Wikileaks.He released hacked emails last month showing Democratic National Committee officials plotting to defeat Mrs. Clinton’s chief rival, Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders.Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange promised to release more damning emails about the Clinton Foundation, and warned he has enough evidence on Hillary Clinton making secret deals with an alleged Islamic State sponsor for the FBI to indict her.”We have more info and we will publish everything when the time is right some of these materials can get Hillary Clinton to lose the nomination,will Bernie Sanders get the nomination as far as I know he is second in line and hold the remaining delegates if Clinton loses the nomination says Assange in his latest interview”. Assange also gave a response about the content of his next leak in an interview with John Pilger an Australian journalist based in the United Kingdom and his answer won’t surprise many!


“We have a lot of material, thousands of pages of material,” said the WikiLeaks leader, who remains in exile at Ecuador’s embassy in London. “There’s a variety of different types of documents and different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles that are, you know, quite interesting, some even entertaining.”

Asked by  John Pilger what is the reason for his leaks that have shaken this world Assange give a swift response!

Pilger: Why do you do this what is the reason for this why do you created Wikileaks?

Assange: It is not about money or fame it is about the truth the people of this world deserve to know the truth

Pilger: The people in the United States would like to know does this file contain info about Hillary Clinton?

Assange: Well my next leak will be about everyone that did something wrong !

Pilger:If there is any illegality in the pending emails you will release or malfeasance in what you already released President Obama could presumably act on it and get Hillary Clinton charged? Regardless of whether you are about to release any email which would mean that James Comey and the FBI would have no alternative but to arrest Hillary Clinton?

Assange: Our view which we have already stated is if the evidence that the FBI has is enough for a grand jury to indict already… But a prosecutor has to ask a grand jury to indict. And if a prosecutor doesn’t ask, a grand jury won’t indict.But our next leak can bring her down because it is something that FBI can’t overlook!


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