Ann Coulter: “The Hysteria And Violence On The Left Has Reached Epic Proportions.”

New York Times-bestselling author Ann Coulter told Breitbart News on Sunday that polls are not accurate quantifiers of public opinion when leftists savagely attack voters for supporting President Donald Trump.

Coulter said- “I only read through the first 3 or 4 poll questions and noticed that the percentage of poll respondents opposed to enforcing our immigration laws has SKYROCKETED in the last year. In that same time period, the hysteria and violence on the left has reached epic proportions.”

She then continued-“We just had a presidential election where the polls were useless because poll respondents were afraid to admit—even to computerized telephone polls!—that they were voting for Trump.”

Given the choice of rounding up tens of millions of illegals at gunpoint and loading them into the back of black SUVs heading to the Mexican border or not, 71 percent said they would not like the government to do that. (Twenty-seven percent are open to the idea after years of violent mayhem and suppressed. CNN used this false dichotomy to blast the headline:” CNN/ORC poll: American break with Trump on immigration policy.”

But no one will honestly answer pollsters as long as leftists are pepper-spraying, beating, egging, and terrorizing anyone open to the idea of enforcing immigration laws, Coulter told Breitbart News.

“As long as we live in a country where liberals are going to violently attack anyone who disagrees with them, what is the point of polling?” Coulter asked. “The left’s recent eruptions of rage, lies and fascistic violence has resulted in a populace where no one wants to upset the little darlings. We may as well admit that in the current environment, public policy polls are useless.”

“The big announcement of the meaningless results are intended to make people think they must be nuts if they disagree with La Raza (‘the race!’) and the NYT editorial page. Which is weird, since DONALD TRUMP WAS JUST ELECTED PRESIDENT,” she said.

Coulter said that the Left explodes with violence as soon as the slightest limits on immigration are proposed:

“Who could have imagined that a temporary travel ban on poverty-stricken, non-English-speaking, welfare-needing immigrants from 7 TERRORIST-PRODUCING countries would incite liberals to engage in nationwide protests — and then celebrate when courts intervene to continue the flow of poverty-stricken, non-English-speaking, welfare-needing immigrants from 7 TERRORIST-PRODUCING countries.”

Well said Ann! Polls can be manufactured and they are just another tool for the propagandist. How can a CNN poll be truly representative and objective??? Reporting the truth is certainly not high on their list of priorities.

And yes- the liberals with their hate filled behavior are just showing they have no manner, no respect, and no concern for America and American citizens who elected Trump.

To quote Allen West: “It’s all fun and games right now until someone gets hurt”. We have truly lost our way. This nation has become a collective of special interests groups shouting “Me, me, me”. What happened to being Americans first?

And what’s truly sad is our once elected leaders are encouraging this type behavior.

H/T: Breitbart

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