The king of the street!Who is the best street bike  is it BMW S1000RR or Honda CBR1000 Repsol ?Video below article!

The idea for this article started innocently enough, as an afternoon aboard the BMW S1000RR left us speechless against its blinding top-end acceleration. The BMW is more powerful than even the ZX-14 or Hayabusa, but it’s a bit underwhelming everywhere below warp-speed. Still, bar and bikenight banter across the land is based on the BMW’s insane peak power output. But do bragging rights also make it the most desirable streetbike?

Naturally we started discussing bikes with street-oriented powerbands full of heavy midrange power-unlike the Bimmer. That slowly morphed into a debate as to what attributes make the best streetbike. In the end we decided the perfect example should be affordable while offering big midrange and with a feathery curb weight. But the BMW has fancy options so we wanted our paragon to also have traction control, a quickshifter and potential ABS. It was a tall order indeed but we collectively agreed that the CBR1000RR fit the bill, and what it was lacking from the factory could be sought through the aftermarket.

A quick perusal of several online classified ads revealed that new and used 2008 models were still on showroom floors and selling for pennies on the dollar. Then it hit us; what if we built a budget BMW S1000RR beater for under $10,000 that had all of the BMW’s electronic features alongside a healthy dose of midrange torque to make street riding even better? A little challenge never stopped us before so we scooped up a CBR.

The test results that we come up are the following :

Performance Data
50-100 MPH 3rd gear roll-on
BMW S1000RR: 4.9 seconds
Honda CBR1000RR: 4.5 seconds
The CBR beat the BMW by nearly eight bike lengths thanks to its instant hit of midrange power and the aggressive gearing.

60-120 MPH 1st gear roll-on
BMW S1000RR: 4.1 seconds
Honda CBR1000RR: 4.2 seconds
The BMW barely beat the CBR by roughly two bike lengths, but was steadily steaming away on the top end.

Curb weight full of fuel:
BMW S1000RR: 461 lbs.
Honda CBR1000RR: 430 lbs.

But in real life everything is different that is why we have this video of 5 Crazy Minutes of PURE ADRENALINE RUSH! ❱ BMW HONDA STREET RACING.See if your favorite wins the day!

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