10 Motorcycles That Make You a Man

No guy wants to ride on a bike that looks like it is on its way to a tea party. There is something about a motorcycle that is fundamentally manly. Even if there’s a woman on the bike (for the picture obviously) the beast beneath always shines through. If you don’t own a motorcycle, you want one. If you do own a motorcycle, you want more. While some people simply want to look manly, others want to look at tough as possible. These bikes don’t just put the wind in your hair and a hottie in your lap, they’re a direct line to your testosterone and adrenaline.Here is a list of 10 motorcycles that make you feel like a real man.

10. Zero Engineering Type 6

The New 2011 Type 9 with Multi Link suspension

Everyone knows that the old school bikers knew how to look tough which is why the Zero Engineering Type 6 should make any list of the toughest bikes. This bike gives a nod back to the good old days with an Original Rigid Goose Neck frame and a simplistic design. After all, the toughest bikes don’t need a ton of bells and whistles. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up the design a bit and still look tough. The company offers customizations such as retro looking fenders; the customizations keep the design simple while giving it a little something extra.

9.MV Agusta F4CC

MV Agusta F4CC

MV Agusta dominated World Championships for over 20 years. The fact that they’re the motorcycle equivalent of Ferrari is enough reason to own one of their bikes, but this particular bike is special. Claudio Castiglioni (the big boss at MV Agusta) used all the resources at his disposal and made his dream bike a reality. When you’re individually creating every part and hitting 195mph no one is going to care about your abuse of company resources.

7. Harley Davidson Sportster XL 883

Harley Davidson Sportster XL 883

The Harley-Davidson Sportster XL 883 turns anyone into a tough-looking rider. Popular Mechanics states that riders look cool in an “old school kind of way” when they hop on this bike. That’s because the bike has a school riding position, suspension, and styling. All you will need is a beard and a biker jacket to complete the look when you ride around town.

6.Victory Judge

Victory Judge

No one can argue that muscle cars look tough but there is one thing that looks even tougher than a muscle car and that’s a motorcycle that has a muscle-car inspired design. In fact, it’s all about the past for the Victory Judge. It features a combination of old motorcycle and old car styling to create tough-looking results. From the round headlight to the muscular design, you will stand out when you sit on the Victory Judge. Also, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort since this bike also offers some of the best ergonomics around. After all, tough guys like to be comfortable, too.

5.Ferrari V4

Ferrari V4

With an engine from an Enzo, F-16 jet controls, and a body more beautiful than an Italian woman, this is one bike that might be too much to handle – even if it does like a dildo with wheels. And just like ridiculously gorgeous Italian women, this one only gets better when it’s naked.

4.Triumph Tiger 800XC

Triumph Tiger 800XC

Nothing says “man” quite like off-roading which is why the Triumph Tiger 800XC makes the list. Triumph used the Tiger 800 as a starting point but then added a bunch of off-road equipment so people can keep on going when the pavement ends. It also has big luggage capacity so people will know you are off on a rugged adventure when they see you fly by on your Triumph Tiger 800XC

 3.BMW R 75/5

BMW R 75

You don’t need a bike that’s just-off-the-line to look tough. You can look just as tough, if not tougher, by going back in time and picking up a BMW R 75/5 or anything else from the BMW/5 range of motorcycles for that matter. BMW created the bikes as a way to merge the touring and sports bikes into one. These bikes feature a toaster tank and matching chrome battery covers. If you want to look like the toughest guy on the street, consider picking up a restomod so you can enjoy the looks of the 1970s classic along with the performance of modern bikes.

2.Triumph Rocket III Roadster

Triumph Rocket III Roadster

There’s nothing to say about the Triumph Rocket III Roadster that hasn’t been said before, but here’s food for thought. At $18000, 2.3L, 146bhp, and 163ft-lb of torque it’s bigger and more badass than every part of that new Honda Civic you’re thinking about buying.If you like big, tough looking bikes with big engines, the Triumph Rocket III Roadster just might be right for you. It gets its power from the 203-liter, three-cylinder engine. A weak frame can’t handle such a big engine which is why the Triumph Rocket III Roadster sports a tubular steel twin spine frame and a 16-inch rear wheel. Even with all of this, it is the chrome-finished front engine dresser bars that really make it stand out. It also makes a statement with its combination of chrome and black detailing. All of these features make it look like the toughest bike on the road and if you’re on it you’ll look like the toughest biker by default.

 1.Harley-DavidsonEasy Rider Bike

Harley-Davidson-Easy Rider Bike

USA pride a dream of every man in the world.Fonda played “Captain America” in the movie, and his bike is one of the most recognizable motorcycles in history. There were originally two “Captain America” choppers used in the film, created from Harley-Davidson FLH police bikes. One of the original choppers was destroyed in the filming of the movie, and the other mysteriously disappeared from the movie set. A decade ago, to celebrate the film’s 30th, and with the help of Fonda and those who created the original bikes, an exact replica was created and is featured at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

The red, white and blue stars-and-stripes panhead chopper was designed and built by two African-American bike builders, Cliff Vaughs and Ben Hardy, based on design suggestions from Fonda.

The iconic Harley-Davidson motorbike ridden by Peter Fonda in the 1969 classic Easy Rider film has sold at auction for $US1.35 million ($A1.54 million).

WE hope you liked the list if you like to add some bike you thought we missed write in a comment bellow!

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